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BB 1262 Racing the Storm
 Maisie's Flower Cart
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Completed April 13, 2021
Mid summer has arrived, bringing with it a large variety of colorful flowers. A young girl pulls a cart full of her gardens bounty, hoping to make some sales. 
While her little brother rides along, her pony has decided that the small 
purple flower on her hat looks like a tasty treat.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Next in Line
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Completed May 14, 2021
The warm weather of late spring encourages people to come out of their homes and enjoy a walk in the sunshine or even a long weekend at The Castaways Inn. With more people outside, an ice cream vendor takes full advantage of selling his sweet treat. As he hands a young boy his triple dip cone, his dog waits patiently in line.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Ice Cold Lemonade
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Completed June 30, 2021
Bright sunshine heats up the day as families head home from their annual Independence Day Parade . Taking advantage of the people that will be passing by, children have set up a lemonade stand outside their very patriotic home.  There's nothing like a parade and ice cold lemonade on a hot summers day !
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Apple Pie Delivery
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Completed August 12, 2021
Two curious owls hover over a farmhouse as guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. While his mother and sister make their way towards the gathering, a young boy runs ahead to hand off an apple pie (the best part of Thanksgiving) to his grandmother. 
A large Turkey keeps his distance on the other side of the road.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Flight School
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Completed September 13, 2021
The Crescent Moon Inn is filled to capacity with young Witches and Warlocks
hoping to brush up on they're flying skills before the fast approaching Hallows Eve.
While a wise, old Witch hovers above a few of her regular students,
several younger children approach cautiously with the hope of riding on Halloween.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
An Unexpected Visitor
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Completed November 1, 2021
Families head home under a full moon to get ready for dinner and finish up evening chores. Taking advantage of the brightly lit night, several children head outside to finish off their snowman only to encounter and unexpected visitor. A young boy, led by his very curious dog, decides to investigate the bearded, portly old man dressed in red,
walking alongside a reindeer pulling a sled full of packages and toys. 
His little brother and sisters peek from behind their snowman. 

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Precious Cargo
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Completed December 15, 2021 
It's a busy day at the local veterinarians. The first appointment of the day is a litter of kittens waiting for their first well check. As they are greeted at the front door,
a wagon carrying spring lambs heads their way. A young dog walker hurries across the road just in time to avoid both the farmer leading the wagon and
the pet ambulance; each carrying precious cargo.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Backyard Picnic
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Completed January 28, 2022
As their grandmother brings a bouquet of freshly cut flowers to a friend that waits under the arbor, her grandchildren have assembled in her garden for a picnic. 
Their two dogs stay close, hoping to have a picnic of their own.  

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
The Welcoming Committee
Completed February 28, 2022
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A farmer has stopped by to pick up a freshly painted hex sign for his new barn. As he settles up with the artist, his wife and daughters wait in their wagon
 where they are welcomed by several very curious dogs. 

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Starry, Starry Night
Completed March 28,2022
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Innkeepers of the Captain's Quarters wait just outside their residence as guests arrive. In the background, a clear sky and full moon, light the way for a ship heading out to sea, followed closely by a large whale. While a father and his son move to close up shop, the young boy points out a shooting star in the clear, evening sky. ​

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Fireworks and Sparklers
Completed April 25th,2022
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Fireworks explode, brightening the evening sky, causing the towns people to stop and gaze up at the magnificent sight. The "Liberty Fireworks co." wagon heads home, job well done for another year, as children ride into town followed by others brandishing sparklers.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Afternoon Flurries
Completed May 15th,2022
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It's warmed up just enough to soften the snow and make a snowman! While three children put the finishing touches on one, their brother rolls a large snowball just in time to start another. Others take advantage of the higher temperatures to take a sleigh ride and 
enjoy the flurries.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
​Completed June 26th , 2022
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Homespun sheep farm is open for business. As the farmers wife brings out a basket of colorful yarn for a customer to choose from, her husband chats with a women interested in purchasing one of the intricate hooked rugs. Children, uninterested in the business at hand, make friends; one with the resident barn cat and another with a curious lamb.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Lazy Days of Summer
Completed August 25, 2022
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Everything seems to move in slow motion on a hot, humid summer day. 
While two men shoot the breeze a dog takes comfort in the shade of the mill. 
Looking for a way to cool off, three children ride their ponies to the Old Stone Grist Mill
to cool off in the icy cold water of the stream.