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BB 1287 Antiques and Free Puppies
Grandma's Crab Cakes
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Completed April 30, 2023​
After a long day of fishing and beach-combing, a family heads back to their matriarchs home for some freshly fried crab cakes and an ice cold glass of lemonade. Their grandparents dog and two cats greet them also hoping for something good to eat.

BB 1287 Antiques and Free Puppies
FireFly Dance
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Completed June 2, 2023​
​A small group of children gather at dusk, to enjoy one of the simple joys of early summer; catching fireflies. Running, leaping and reaching, some look as though they're creating an improvisational dance. Others show off the magical creatures in their mason jars, realizing that they will have to release them soon.
Harvest Valley Produce
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Completed July 14, 2023​
​Colorful mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and gourds echo the bright colors seen 
in the fields and mountains behind the small farmstead.  An elderly gentleman waits patiently as his grandchildren pull a small cart of tiny pumpkins over to his wagon. Their little brother would rather visit with the barn cat.
Fourth of July Activities
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Completed August 17, 2023​
​As their parents finish rounding up and loading their youngest children into the back of their truck, an older son feeds the chickens while two others make sure their dog isn't left behind. The days activities begin with a Fourth of July parade, followed by a family picnic and finally, once the sun sets, fireworks!

Trick or Treat
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Completed September 14, 2023​
​A black cat, a princess and a little boy dressed as a pumpkin march down the road carrying a flag that reads, "Trick or Treat". While tricks are waiting around every corner, it's hard to find anything resembling a treat. If you look closely you will discover ghosts in the pumpkin barn, a skeleton in the outhouse, a spider that's just finished her web and two black cats waiting patiently under a mailbox for a little mouse that is planning her escape route.
Santa Sighting
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Completed November 6, 2023​
A full moon along with mild temperatures create the perfect evening for ice skating. With wreaths hung and a warm glow coming from windows, the festive atmosphere brings many townspeople out after their dinner. As people glide across the ice, only one little girl pausing to wait for her brother notice's a portly, red clad, bearded gentleman. Could it be Santa?
Sunday Dinner
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Completed December 15, 2023​
Sunday dinner is always something to look forward to. This week is extra special because of a new addition to the family; a baby girl. As her dad carries a basket of food,  his daughter, excited to meet her new cousin runs ahead. Her mom and little brother are already admiring the tiny pink bundle of Joy.
Early Dismissal
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Completed January 17,2024
While there's nothing better than waking up and learning that school has been cancelled because of a snow day, the second best thing would be an early dismissal.
As one student meets his parents at the gate, others have decided to take advantage of all the white stuff to make a snowman and throw snowballs.

Gulls Landing
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Completed March 3, 2024​
While three Seagulls fly overhead, others gather on the rooftop of "Gulls Landing Lighthouse" looking for handouts. While one man heads home with his freshly painted dingy, his children enjoy the ride as they tempt the scavengers with leftover crusts.

Crookshanks Magical Elixir
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Completed April 15 , 2024
People are out to town on a sunny Saturday afternoon to pick up supplies at the mercantile or grab a bite to eat at the Black Horse tavern. It's not long before they notice the colorful medicine wagon parked on the side of the road. A crowd gathers as Dr. Crookshank stands on a podium and boasts about his magical elixir.

A Carrot for Chompers
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Completed May 15 , 2024
As a young boy finishes cleaning out the chicken coup, his brother shows off his new pony. A couple of girls from the neighborhood come bearing treats. The older of the two watches carefully, making sure her sister doesn't loose a finger as she offers a carrot to the pony, suitably named, Chompers. 

The Simple Life
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 Completed June 20 , 2024
After several days of rain everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the simple things in life. While one family enjoys a leisurely ride in their Surry, others take a stroll or stop to gossip. A young  boy draws the attention of a dog as he rolls his hoop down the road.