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BB 1281 HomeSpun
​Completed June 26th , 2022
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Homespun sheep farm is open for business. As the farmers wife brings out a basket of colorful yarn for a customer to choose from, her husband chats with a women interested in purchasing one of the intricate hooked rugs. Children, uninterested in the business at hand, make friends; one with the resident barn cat and another with a curious lamb.
BB 1282 Lazy Days of Summer
Lazy Days of Summer
Completed August 25, 2022
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Everything seems to move in slow motion on a hot, humid summer day. 
While two men shoot the breeze a dog takes comfort in the shade of the mill. 
Looking for a way to cool off, three children ride their ponies to the Old Stone Grist Mill
to cool off in the icy cold water of the stream. 
BB 1283 Cemetery March
Cemetery March
Completed September  25, 2022
Original Available
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A full moon reflects off the gravestones below, and causes their shadows to lengthen.
This helps set the mood just in time for Halloween fun. Bats overhead, glowing Jack-O'-lanterns and two black cats add to the spookiness as a group of children along with a pumpkin coach march through the old, deserted cemetery.

BB 1284 The Christmas Hustle
The ​Christmas Hustle
Completed November 12, 2022
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With only one week before Christmas, the hustle and bustle of this beautifully decorated town has peaked. Clouds begin to disperse, leaving an opening for the full moon to 
cast carolers, others return from shopping and two young boys try to catch 
up with Kringle’s Toy Shop sleigh.
BB 1285 GrandPa's Sugar Shack
Grandpa's Sugar Shack
Completed January 5 , 2023
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Warming temperatures and melting snow signal its time to collect sap. While one young boy helps his grandfather carry buckets, his other two grandchildren stay occupied visiting the two gentle oxen attached to the sled. All look forward to a pancake dinner with generous amounts of maple syrup.
BB 1286 Mary's Little Lambs
Mary's Little Lambs
Completed January 31 , 2023
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While her parents finish up chores at the farm above, their daughter realizes that three lambs have followed her to school. As this seems to happen every spring, it's become somewhat of a nuisance. Some children peek over the fence and others notice as Mary introduces the triplets to a friend. Keeping the students attention will be difficult 
with the adorable newborns just outside their window
BB 1287 Antiques and Free Puppies
Antiques and Free Puppies
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Completed March 22 , 2023​
With the warmer weather, Barn Star Antiques has opened up it’s doors and
 brought some of their treasures outside. Bored with having to tag along on a 
shopping trip, children gravitate towards the basket full of puppies. As one 
young boy tries to talk his mother into bringing home a new pet, his father 
appears to be taking a nap in the shade of his buggy.
BB 1287 Antiques and Free Puppies
Grandma's Crab Cakes
Original Available
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Completed April 30, 2023​
After a long day of fishing and beach-combing, a family heads back to their matriarchs home for some freshly fried crab cakes and an ice cold glass of lemonade. Their grandparents dog and two cats greet them also hoping for something good to eat.

BB 1287 Antiques and Free Puppies
FireFly Dance
Original Available 
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Completed June 2, 2023​
​A small group of children gather at dusk, to enjoy one of the simple joys of early summer; catching fireflies. Running, leaping and reaching, some look as though they're creating an improvisational dance. Others show off the magical creatures in their mason jars, realizing that they will have to release them soon.

Harvest Valley Produce
SOLD-Prints Available
Completed July 14, 2023​
​Colorful mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and gourds echo the bright colors seen 
in the fields and mountains behind the small farmstead.  An elderly gentleman waits patiently as his grandchildren pull a small cart of tiny pumpkins over to his wagon. Their little brother would rather visit with the barn cat.

Fourth of July Activities
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Completed August 17, 2023​
​As their parents finish rounding up and loading their youngest children into the back of their truck, an older son feeds the chickens while two others make sure their dog isn't left behind. The days activities begin with a Fourth of July parade, followed by a family picnic and finally, once the sun sets, fireworks!

Trick or Treat
Sold-Prints Available Soon 
Completed September 14, 2023​
​A black cat, a princess and a little boy dressed as a pumpkin march down the road carrying a flag that reads, "Trick or Treat". While tricks are waiting around every corner, it's hard to find anything resembling a treat. If you look closely you will discover ghosts in the pumpkin barn, a skeleton in the outhouse, a spider that's just finished her web and two black cats waiting patiently under a mailbox for a little mouse that is planning her escape route.